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Sunday, July 16, 2017

day 1519

week 28,

Didn't had much time this week.

Sunday 09

Monday 10

Tuesday 11

Wednesday 12

Thursday 13

Friday 14

Saturday 15

Music of the week : ---

Sunday, July 9, 2017

day 1512

week 27,

Quiet week.

Sunday 02

Bad balance.

Monday 03

Not enough movement.

Tuesday 04

The torso is too long.

The torso is too long.

Still working on this guy.

Wednesday 05

Head is a little small.

Sketching some ideas.

Thursday 06

Hands are hard.

Other ideas.

Friday 07

Good flow.

Saturday 08

Strange proportions due to the foreshortening.

Music of the week : Zaz -  Je veux
Jazzy french voice.

Monday, July 3, 2017

day 1505

week 26,

I was able to squeeze in some sketches this week.

Sunday 25

Proportion and flow are a little funky.

Monday 26

Good energy here.

Tuesday 27

A little boring.

Character I want to develop.

Same villain as last week

Wednesday 28

Good one.

Playing with the alien design and some caterpillar.

Jello space line up, I might forgot some characters thought.

Some bad guys.

Spy alien.

Without his helmet.

Thursday 29

Her left leg his strange.

Friday 30

Happy with this one.

Saturday 01

I had to do this one fast and it shows.

Music of the week : Boogie Belgique - Forever and Ever
Good chilling music.