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Sunday, June 25, 2017

day 1497

week 25,

I didn't have much time this week...

Sunday 18

Not happy with her face and how I framed it, without the feet.

Monday 19

I should have drawn her hands.

Tuesday 20

Bad hands.

Wednesday 21

One to forget.

Thursday 22

Strange pose.

Idea for a villain. 

Friday 23

The execution is ok I guess, but a little messy.

Saturday 24

Too static.

Music of the week : Arlissa - Getting Older
Guess who's back.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

day 1490

week 24,

A little quiet week on the drawing side but I managed to do something everyday.

Sunday 11

I am not sure about her proportion and the flow of the drawing. 

Monday 12

The drawing could be a little more dynamic.

Some sketches during a meeting.

Tuesday 13

Happy with this one, I could Have drawn the left hand a little better.


Wednesday 14

Strange proportions.

Thursday 15

That hand...

Some ideas for the hair culture/tradition.

Friday 16

Strange proportion here too.

Saturday 17

A little to sketchy.

Music of the week : Poison The Well - Nerdy
Went back to an old hardcore band this week.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

day 1483

week 23,

More of the same, trying to get better.

Sunday 04

Small head.

Sketching a character's head.

Monday 05

Good movement but that hand is killing me.

Tuesday 06

I am ok with this one.

Too stiff.

Not sure about the proportions.

Good flow and rhythm. 

Wednesday 07

Best one so far I think.
Good flow and nice shadow shapes.

Still researching for a character.

Mostly his hair cut.

Trying different ideas

Thursday 08


Stiff and boring.

Good shadow shape and movement.

Friday 09

A little too still but I think it feels peaceful.

Saturday 10

Quick one, I could have used a little more values to make it pop.

Music of the week : CHVRCHES - Gun
cool little voice

Sunday, June 4, 2017

day 1476

week 22,

Tried to be more productive this week.
Sunday 28

Messed up the face.

Monday 29

The heads is a little small.

Tuesday 30

Could play more with fabric.

A little too static.

Not clear enough with the back arm.

Trying to come up with a interesting companion/mount for the main character.

Wednesday 31

The pose is not clear, at all, I think I rushed it too much.

Sketching some characters for fun.

Thursday 01

The upper torso's proportions are a little too small.

Friday 02

I messed up the face again and I should draw the feet.

Trying different pens.

Playing with chinese ink, watercolor pencil and other pens.

Chinese ink, 

Pen and ink, camera man and a character I am trying to develop.

I think I am on to something with him.

Saturday 03

hmm... faces are hard...

I should try my hands and feet.

I am starting to do better shadow shapes.

Music of the week : Arlissa - I Hate Giving You Everything
So good.