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Monday, May 29, 2017

day 1469

week 21,

Unproductive week, since I had less time to draw :/. I mostly did my daily figure drawings.

Sunday 21

Monday 22

Tuesday 23

Wednesday 24

Played with his proportion and some ideas for the head.

Thursday 25

Friday 26

Saturday 27

Music of the week : Fat Jon - Humanoid Erotica
Pretty chill.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

day 1461

week 20,

Still doing the daily figure drawings and I went back to watercolor and gouache in my sketchbook and had a lot of fun sketching with it.

Sunday 14

Daily figure drawing.

Monday 15

Daily figure drawing.

Wanted to try opaque watercolor paint and I really liked it.
I feel like it would be better with a flat brush rather than a round one.
Just sketched some ideas for a scientist who creates robot, 
I don't want to give him the white science jacket, but I think his outfit don't match what I want. 

Had too much paint so I tried some ideas with him.

Same here.

Had way too much skin color...

Tuesday 16

Daily figure drawing.

Old lady based on Owl, she's the world's archivist.

Owl Grama and her work station.

Wednesday 17

Daily figure drawing.

Small and chubby circulation manager.
Not happy with the proportions.

Thursday 18

Daily figure drawing.

Played a little more with the idea.

Leaf Guard from Tree City (?)

Props and design ideas.

Mountain Giant.

The scale isn't good here.
I need to find what is on their back.

Friday 19

Daily figure drawing.

Kept it simple, mountain giants would be around 2 times the human's height
and they don't carry rocks, land, and trees on their back, only fur.

He could be the giant king.

Sketched some ideas for the police androids.

Djinn, not sure about the 4 arms.

Tried another render style for the werewolf and tired to keep the values tight.
The colors may varies on the individual. 

Saturday 20

Daily figure drawing.

Camera man robot pilot squad leader.
Old idea I wanted to play with.

Some characters and a little critter.

Old dudes.

Music of the week : Kognitif - My Space World LP
Smooth music.