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Sunday, March 26, 2017

day 1405

week 12,

Mix of studies and focused sketches this time. I tried my best to not do random sketches for nothing and to focus on ideas.

Sunday 19


Monday 20

Pilot and soldier studies.

Soldier studies.

Tuesday 21

Girl portraits with lines, trying to be more deliberate with my lines.

Random sketches that shouldn't exist.

Resketching up this character again for the third time.

Wednesday 22

Trying to find a way to make the characters fit with their proportions.

I am liking where those characters are going, 
but I need to clear out some ideas for the character at the left 
and work on the clothes and folds of the one on the right.

Thursday 23

Pilot girl.

Playing with the shadows.

Caught myself sketching random stuff, so I stopped before it was too late.

So I worked on this girl.

Friday 24

Wood ghost idea.

Playing around with some idea for this character from an old sketch 
and I ended up with a goat girl.

Cleared up the lines and laid down the shadow shapes.

Saturday 25


Music of the week : Dr Dre Ft. Eminem - Forgot About Dre
Didn't know this one from Eminem, quite good.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

day 1398

term 01, week 11,

Went back to a normal, good overall week, but I feel even if I did some stuff, it wasn't important images. I did mostly random sketches and studies and I think although the studies are useful, what I did wasn't focused on a project or to improve my portfolio, which I need. I focused on more technical elements like my lines quality and some fundamentals, but didn't work on my ideas much.

Sunday 12


Monday 13

Fish trader idea, I am trying to come up with a nice shape for a little fish shop.
Something that a player could easily identify in a game.

Some fishing tools.

Traveling fisherman, he can sell you fish if you come across his path.
And others ideas.

Shop ideas, money and other stuff.

I want to do some props/little environment design.
I think I need to start smaller thought, that is why I stopped working on this. 

Random portraits, Gotta stop doing these random portraits 
and do portraits of characters I have in mind.

Tuesday 14

Warm ups, I think I can still do random portraits for warm up thought,
 that way I can have some new ideas and since it's just a warm up I don't really care about what I do,
it is just to get me going. However, I could do more expression.

A little better here, I drew some character I want to use but there is a little too much randomness.

I just wanted to do something here.

Old sketch of a pig with wings, nothing original here.



Definitely not the type of mark making I want.

A little better here, but still too hesitant.

Wednesday 15

Random sketches, focused on mark making and angles at least.


Thursday 16

Warm ups randomness.
Nothing good here.

Line studies.

Lines practice.

Friday 17

More randomness, at least those eyes on the top right look decent.


Saturday 18

Studies, focusing on mark making.



Music of the week : Queen - Greatest Hits
Nothing new this week, so here's some classics.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

day 1391

term 01, week 10,

Small week again, I will get back to normal next week. I have been working on some old character ideas and some value/portrait studies.

Sunday 05

Style research for a rock/volcano character.

Monday 06

Following up with some more ideas.
I would have to do his whole body next.

Owl lady sketches.

Portrait studies, tried to limit my value range.

Tuesday 07


Wednesday 08


Thursday 09


Friday 10


Saturday 11


Music of the week : Calysta Bevier - Fight Song cover
Good song interpretation and good singer 

Sunday, March 5, 2017

day 1384

term 01, week 09,

Super busy week so I wasn't so productive so here's some stuff.

Sunday 26

Sketching and testing some brushes.

Monday 27


Tuesday 28

Sketching some ideas in my sketchbook.

Wednesday 01

I don't like where the rock dude is going but I can't illustrate what I want for now.

I had a day off and I spend it with those two studies.

Thursday  02


Friday  03


Saturday 04


Music of the week : Grace VanderWaal - Clay
Damn she's good!