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Sunday, February 26, 2017

day 1377

term 01, week 08,

Sketches and Vis. Dev. for some stuff, keeping it simple.

Sunday 19

Trying to get the stylisation right.

Old sketch renew, scarecrow.

old vs new.

Getting back to portrait sketches.

Monday 20

Style test for some kid character.

Scenery prop sketches.

Scenery prop sketches.


Tuesday 21

Idea where he could have a white suit and be a spy or something like that.

Quick render.

Still testing some proportions.

Wednesday 22

More of the same.

Working on the real render.


Thursday 23

Some ideas for kids

Finished this guy but I can't decide which one feels better though.

Tried to go with a golem type of character and a floating kid.

Old character that I want to go back to.

More defined Idea for a character from a project with some friends.

Friday 24

Valence sketch.

Petrolia sketch.

Mirabella sketch.

Brad sketch, not sure about his proportions.

Portrait sketches.

Feels good to go back at some sketchbook action.
Great to work on some design and vis dev on paper. 

Trying to mix it up with expression.

Saturday 25

This one is a little more complicated, I would have to go back to it.


Music of the week : Jazz Funk Beats - Compilation n°1
Smooth funky jazz !

Sunday, February 19, 2017

day 1370

term 01, week 07,

I've been quite busy this week so I have less work to show. I still have problems designing tech even when I want to simplify it.

Sunday 12


Monday 13

Ultimate girls, she's a little too simple.

Random knight ?

Trying something, mainly ideas for the clothes.

Same here with different combination. 

Dark Goo flats.

Tuesday 14


Render, maybe it is a little too dark.

Wednesday 15


Trying to keep it simple.

Random portrait.

Thursday 16

I feel like he's too complex.

Trying to see if I can simplify it with flats.

Friday 17

Chill dude.

Some snow sketches.

character sketch.

Saturday 18


Music of the week : Blue Note - Blue Funk
Nice funky tunes!

Sunday, February 12, 2017

day 1363

term 01, week 06

Not much for this, I was busy with other stuff and I focused on finishing two little illustration.

Sunday 05


Monday 06

Ambient light and some occlusion.

Cafe sketches, pencil and brush pen.

Tried a new, smaller, brush pen, it feels pretty good.

Meh... not super happy with those.

Style test I did for myself, to see If I could do a job.

Tuesday 07

Finishing the ambient light.

Wednesday 08

Pretty much done with it, 
but I should maybe add some bounce light at some places now that I look back at it.

Old sketches reworked, lion killer Rhino and a bald man.

Thursday 09


I really have some problem with hard surface / gear design with robot and mechanical things. 

So I switch to this guy, not sure about his lower body design but what ever...

Work on this rhino anatomy a little.

Friday 10

Had an idea for another Ip that could be fun to work on.
name for now : Pool Play.

I rushed the render a little too much on this one. 

Dude with a speaker shirt, he's pretty cool.

Saturday 11


Music of the week : Dj Premier - Classic(feat. Rakim, Nas & Krs One)
Good rap song.