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Sunday, January 29, 2017

day 1349

term 01, week 04,

Still doing to much thing and not being focus on finishing stuff. I need to find a process and finish more images/designs and other things like that.

Sunday 22


Monday 23

Pilot girl, playing with proportion.


I can't make quick decision on them design...

Sketching from old sketches, from left to right;
handmade toy universe,
Dark goo, an evil matter for something,
Jello space, is the one with the long ears, and some other characters that could fit with him,
Simple mech,
A logo for something,
A magician.

A mouse in a frog suit and a suspicious robot.

Tuesday 24

Line portrait studies.

Forgot her name, but her study.

Just saying to myself to go with what I have for now and to do changes after.

Little Sell Swords and Leo.

Wednesday 25

Yup that day didn't go so well...

Thursday 26

Hand gestures.

Going with it.

An octopus plush,
A cyclops cyborg,
A cartoon eel,
A rock golem,
And a big simple robot.

Space crew, a monkey, a pig, a bighorn and I don't know what the girl would be,
and a little bounty hunter android.

Friday 27

Rock Golem. Fail to do him more realistically.

Roman warrior ?

Trying to have a nice camera angle.

Hum stiff pose !

The colors are not final but the lines are.

With the 'Dans une Galaxie'' fanart,
I don't know if I should do one character and work on the other one by one 
or do sketches for each one and work on them after.

Cat universe.

Brush test.

Saturday 28

Experimenting with a character.

That's it, I still need to work on the colors but there's the design for now.
I still think that it is too complex, mostly the suit.

Tried a mock up for the game.

Pixel Dailies, I would love to stay constant and do them everyday.
Theme : Super-Man.

Music of the week : 1 HOUR 90s - Indie - Hiphop - Rap Mix
I was looking for old school skateboard/rap music, found this, pretty cool.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

day 1342

term 01, week 03,

Didn't do much studies this week, but put a lot of effort into ideas.

Sunday 15

Little Sketch I did at work.

Monday 16

Bad proportions and I didn't really translate the idea I had.

Stiff and quite boring.

More of the same.

Still exploring, looking for ideas and tring to solve problem.

Tuesday 17

Not quite the type of character I am looking for.

Not even close with that one.

Head gesture.

Broken Strand line up for now.

Wednesday 18

A little closer to what I have in mind.

Felt like doing a mockup of the controls that could be used to play that guy.
It is still a wip, since I have to add some more important actions and some that
I could move around or maybe remove.

Style test, wip.

Some idea for the master mind and the scientist.

Little sketch to cool down and get the idea out.

Thursday 19

Beat up guy.

Style test, for the in game portrait ?

Quick brush test.

Friday 20

There it is, a little improvement, 
That right hand is still stiff but the pose is a little better and the design is simpler.  

Valence From ''Dans une galaxie près de chez vous'', style test.

Little studies.

Idea for some pretty obvious character fanart.

Testing some stuff with a little character.

Testing a brush.

Saturday 21

Way too much ideas in the same time, 
I guess it alway the case with new stuff.
Still not sure about the value for the light stone steps.
It is suppose to be a teleportation stone from an ancient civilization,
basic RPG stuff.

Dans Une Galaxie, lineup.
Doing them really quick to get a overall idea 
and I am going to push them individually after.
Trying to make them fit into a animated show, 
for a new generation that could like it.
I might do line art for them though.

Sketches from old drawing/idea, to cool down.
I really like the head shape i got for the rabbit though.

Music of the week :Arlissa - What's It Gonna Be
Yup, Back for more !