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Sunday, June 26, 2016

day 1132

2016, term 2, week 12,

Didn't do as much as I would have wanted, but I worked on some stuff at least.

Sunday 19

Maybe final composition for this drawing.

Sketching, having fun trying other head type with this guy.

Looking for his helmet's design.

Head sketches.

Monday 20

Girl sketch.

Trying to have working anatomy on him.

Some stiff poses.

Tuesday 21


Wednesday 22

Tried to have more action.

Thursday 23


Quick value over the lines.

Friday 24


Saturday 25


Music of the week : Degi Heugi - La Découverte
Cool little story

Sunday, June 19, 2016

day 1125

2016, term 2, week 11,

Some sketches here and there, I am trying to finish all the drawing for the donation I received and try to work on the space man dude with some monster.

Sunday 12

Artist drama.

Couldn't resist to animate it.

Enchanted forest, tried to go with an oval shape.
I need to stay with simple shapes.

Some alien enemies or friends.

Monday 13

Sketching some alien again.

Tuesday 14


Wednesday 15 

Getting lost in the ref I have, need to stay back from them.
I also need to find what each enemy do.

Silly buff scifi dude.

Trying to draw nice stylized portraits.

Stylized portraits happier with this page.

Following the one sketch on the previous page.

Thursday 16

Enchanted forest.

Enchanted forest.

Enchanted forest.

Trying to come up with cool stuff, but it's not happening. 

Friday 17


Saturday 18

Half sleeping half awake sketches.

This new pen kicks asses.
(pilot g-tech-c4)

Music of the week :  Fat Jon Humanoid Erotica

Sunday, June 12, 2016

day 1118

2016, term 2, week 10,

Trying to to less multitasking and focus on 1 project again. So this week I worked mainly on the space marine kinda scifi armored guy. I tried to finish is proportions and find him a nice face to fit the suit/personality I want.

Sunday 05

Pretty satisfied with the front view, the back view feels stiff, but the proportion are there.

Monday 06

After work sketching, bs stuff.

Tuesday 07

Bebop sketch.

Wednesday 08

Sketching some stylized faces.

Sketching some stylized faces.

Sketching some stylized faces.

Sketching some dinosaur, I need to study their anatomy.

Trying to pose this guy, but they are not dynamic enough 
and some face test.

So hard to do nice stylized head (and realistic head too...)

Thursday 09

Some sketches and studies.


Friday 10

Sketching for fun. The head is to stylized for what i was going for.

Saturday 11

Don't like that skin tone....

Might do some minor changes on his face but I am ok with it for now.

Music of the week : Maggie Rogers - Alaska
Not much to say about her yet except; can't wait to here more from her

Sunday, June 5, 2016

day 1111

2016, term 2, week 09,

Les time so less work but I had some fun with the time I had, trying to at least do a sketch each day.

Sunday 29

Overall look, trying to keep the feel of the first sketch while adding the right shapes.

Monday 30

Sketching sci-fi people.

Sketching poses.

Trying stuff.
I realized that the shoulder can't really work for now.
I need to have de range of the shoulder and of the shoulder pad.
Some spine ideas that I need to try in 3d.
I did a version where the shoulders and the hips are covered to see how it can look.

Spine test.
First one on the left have interpenetration with the hip joint.
I don't know if it has too much range or if the circle are to big fir the spine.
I might change the size of them to fit the body plate shape that I have.
The body plates should be attach to the spine in a way where they can move with it. 

Tuesday 31

Sketching gun hand girls and poses.

Wednesday 01

Again, trying different body shape.

I need to finish this dude.
Biggest questions for now are his proportions and how is hand can change in guns.
Some question on how the jet pack would behave and little animation to show it.

Strecht arm girl faces sketches.

Thursday 02

Sketching around

More realistic sketches.

Friday 03

Trying to find him a face.

Saturday 04

Sketching the girls for fun.

Music of the week : Kognitif - Soul Food
''Hey Bobby, why do you like soul food ?''
''Because it makes me happy!''