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Sunday, May 29, 2016

day 1104

2016, term 2, week 08,

Started to work 40h a week so I am going to try to sketch at least everyday and work the more I can on my days off. I realized this week that I still do the same poses so that was my focus during the week. I am still working on the characters I started the past weeks. 3 years anniversary of the blog this week.

Sunday 22

Some pose sketches, trying to go away from the usual stuff.

Monday 23

Pose studies.

Pose studies.

Tuesday 24


Wednesday 25

3 years of this blog !

Wanted to work on him but I'm still not sure about his proportion and design.


Lame sketches and some studies.




Thursday 26

I don't think the pose is working for multiple reason, 
but I still wanted to clean it to finish the idea.
I think a better pose would be one where we can see the arm better, 
since it's her main feature.
I want to make multiple option for her clothing and maybe for the arm design.





Sketches. I think her hair is cooler here.

Sketches and idea for the circlebot.

Friday 27

Tried to improve the leg's 3d version.

Animation test, I should do a test to see if the legs can have at
 least the same range of motion of human legs

Starting to thing about the shoulder

Saturday 28

Pose sketching.

Spine and hands/fingers.
I am thinking about making a second version 
where the connection to the joint is different.
She could have different option for different limbs like hands and feet.

Music of the week : Jazz Liberatorz - Clin d'oeil 
Nice hip hop and jazz mix, Favorite : I am Hip Hop (feat. Asheru)

Sunday, May 22, 2016

day 1097

2016, term 2, week 07,

Nothing crazy this week, just went back to some old ideas.

Sunday 15

Tried to push the idea of that dude with new shapes.

Different proportions tests.

Monday 16

Trying some stuff again, really liking where he's going, 
but at the same time I feel like it's not the same character anymore.
Dilemma, is do I want to change the beefy character to a buff guy.

Tried to make some kind of armor that fit to a guy.
The one on the bottom left fit with the beefy proportion of the original idea.
I guess I could render multiple ones, the one I likes and makes something out of this?
I was thinking to do multiple iteration; if the character had a power suit, if he was in a mech, if he was a cyborg (kinda bio suit) or if he was a robot.
They all have their proprieties, so I might to did since it could be fun.
But for now I stop at the idea that he had a power and he could go in a mech, not sure yet. 

Evolution of the snake girl sketch. Can be fun to paint this.

Tuesday 17

Warming up with some sketches nothing serious, although I kind of like her. 

Some design idea for her costume and some rendering on the snake.
Flower clothing, not sure about her pants, her face and if I give her a scabbard.

Wednesday 18

Sketching some stuff for an ink drawing.

Final digital ink.

The process...nothing special really.

Testing out brushes, I want to have a nice pencil brush in Photoshop.

Thursday 19

Girl studies.

Dude studies.

Some ideas for her clothing, so many option!

Random military girl sketches, there is some really bad one there.

An old idea that is in another sketchbook that I wanted to try. 
but gave up since it didn't look fun enough to me for he moment.
And some little girl sketches (power arm girl and stretch arm girl).

Friday 20

Real ink drawing.

Fixed her anatomy and made a boring standing pose to see her arm length.
(power arm girl)

I suck at poses.
All the question I am asking myself about her.
(stretch arm girl)

Also an old idea in a old sketch was to have a circle joint robot.
Here's me trying to figure her/it out.
Second sketch at the top has some good proportion, I could use that for a base.

Feet are fun.

Really quick 3d model to see how some of the parts could work.

Stretch arm girl, so indecisive....
Fixed her anatomy a little so she could fit with the other one.

Saturday 21

Testing the pencil brush again with different setting, 
I am still not super happy about the result.
And a little test with some painting brushes.

Trying to see how the hip joint could work.

Trying to figure out some joint; toe, ankle, knee, arm and torso, 

Simple render of the ring joints.

Trying to fix some proportion with a base from the little sketch.

Music of the week : Tour de manège - Vol. 1 - multiple artist
Trying a new thing, I am gonna link a song or album that I listened during the week.