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Sunday, February 28, 2016

day 1013

2016, term 1, week 8,

I finished two things this week, about time ! Did some portrait and body sketches.

Sunday 21

Sketch of an old scientist.

Worked on the smile, the neck and the torso.

Started to texture the character.

Monday 22

Sketching 1, trying a new brush.

Sketching 2.

Tuesday 23


More texturing.

First ink, fox and owl.


Wednesday 24

Gesture sketches, and a dragoon.

More details.

Thursday 25


Almost done with the texturing.

Random late night painting.

Friday 26

Head sketches.

Pose idea.

Boosting up the lighting and trying to make the skin wet.

Saturday 27

Figure drawing.
It was hard to draw 2 persons at the same time with the amount of time,
but I tried to have to pose down nonetheless.
I discovered something interesting while doing this.
If I was starting with the guy, I drew with the pose with straight lines, 
but if I started with the girl I drew wit curves.

Memory sketch for the girl that was at the figure drawing session,
I am not sure that this is how she was dress, but it doesn't really mater.

Call it done!

This one too!

Sunday, February 21, 2016

day 1006

2016, term 1,week 7,

Lost so focus during the weekend so the first half of this week is quite lame, I tried to finish some images this week but couldn't finish all of them. I feel like all my portraits look the same especially the male portrait. I most draw and ink for this next week.

Sunday 14

Some lame sketches.

Monday 15

Better ones, but still all the same.

Sketching for bloodsport 3 : gauntlet.

Tuesday 16

Loved Cynthia Gibb in the movie Yougblood. 
The studies doesn't show the beauty.

Sketching a guy.

I need to finish this guy so bad.

Lost interest in this one, I had no idea for the background.

Wednesday 17

All looking the same portrait again.

Played with his hair.

I am done with this one.
The narrative is pretty boring with this one, 
There's nothing special to it. 
I feel like I was thinking way too much 
about how to do it rather than what I want the viewer to feel.
Maybe next time.

Thursday 18

Studying haircut.

Haircut and face studies.

Worked on the background.

Friday 19

Color/render test.

So close to being done.

Saturday 20

Sketch and studies.

Still working on the overall picture.
I think I lost the loose feeling from the sketch.
There's a strange flow on the right side of the image, 
in the background that I have to fix. 
I also need to work on the local colors of things, mostly on the toad.

Monday, February 15, 2016

day 1000

2016, term 1, week 6,

Wooooh ! 1000 days, that's something.

I didn't do as much as I wanted this week, I was busy working on the challenge and I was gone for the weekend. That said, I got distracted and didn't finish the bloodsport 2 yet. I have to finish it this week with the svs image.

Sunday 07

Did the promotion art for the challenge.

Thanks to the art of John Grello, 
now I know how to indicate male lips without looking like girl lips.

Monday 08

Still not sure about how to pose the back hand.

Danny phantom fanart.


Sketchbook, some sketches for the promo ink.

Tuesday 09

Warm up.

Choose the back hand hat was up. 
I think it makes more sense with the composition.
I started to paint, I still need to push it farther. 

Cool down with Danny, refining this guy.

Wednesday 10

Sketching a fantasy girl, 
the pose is boring but i tried to have good proportion.

Thanks to M. DiCaprio for the ref.
I will need to work on the hair next since they don't make much sense. 


Thursday 11

Warm up.

Still a long way home.

Sketching for the ice fishing thing I got last week.

Trying to have nice and simple shape 
to represent the character that I have in mind 
and to make it easy if I ever animate him.

Still trying.

I did some studies to help me with his face
and to see what to keep and simplify when I will stylized it.

Friday 12

Still not quite there, I will need to work on him again 
but there is some good elements.

Sketching for someone who donate for the challenge.
I am trying to go with a cute and simple style and mix a fox with a owl.
Some of the composition are interesting but look a little too violent.

Some exploration. I wanted to make the circle composition work 
but I think it make the image too dynamic for what I want.

Diamond composition it will be.
 Ink is next.

Saturday 13

Starting to sketch for the bloodsport 3, fanart/cover art for the old gauntlet game.