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Sunday, August 30, 2015

day 831

summer, week 9,

Last week before going back to school. Portrait sketches and research again.

Sunday 23


Monday 24

Quick warm up.

Studies and sketches.


Tuesday 25

Warm up.

Decided to render this guy for the gnomon workshop monthly contest.


Portrait study.

Wednesday 26


Thursday 27

Random shapes for portrait exercise. 

The portrait from those shapes.

I didn't keep the shapes, but it's the same principle.  

Cool down loose portraits.

Friday 28


Saturday  29


Monday, August 24, 2015

day 825

summer, week 8,

Pretty busy week, but i managed to do some things; some portraits and research.

Sunday 16


Monday 17


Tuesday 18


Wednesday 19

Sketches and studies.

Took an old sketch and tried to make it better.

Project research.

Thursday 20

2 sketches and the others are studies.

Friday 21


Saturday  22


Sunday, August 16, 2015

day 817

summer, week 7,

Lots of portraits for this week and a illustration sketch with kazak, the necromancer, to get back to him and finish him.

Sunday 09


Monday 10

Portrait sketch 01.
Trolls and scarfman.

Tuesday 11

Portrait sketch 02.
Same head angle guys and happy face.

Wednesday 12

Portrait sketch 03.1.
Looking right and alien.

Portrait sketch 03.2.
Triangle nose and football player.

Portrait sketch 03.3.
Big chin and toothpick.

Portrait sketch 03.4.
eyebrows and bitch expression.

Thursday 13

Portrait sketch 04
Pointy ears and space man.

Kazak illustration sketch, would be cool to finish it 
but I need to finish his design first.

Friday 14


Saturday  15


Sunday, August 9, 2015

day 810

summer, week 6,

I took this week off a little. I manage to do a full day of work and finish a project.

Sunday 02


Monday 03


Tuesday 04


Wednesday 05


Thursday 06

Lame warm up.

Little studies

Friday 07


Saturday 08


Sunday, August 2, 2015

day 803

summer, week 5,

Lots of portrait again for this week and some sketches.

Have to finish soon :
   - necromancer
   - chest
   - the weird shape sci-fi lady

Sunday 26

Before work sketches.

Monday 27

Before work sketches.

Skin tone test 01.

Tuesday 28


Wednesday 29

Skin tone test 02. 

Sun Lord sketch.

Another portrait practice sketch.

I've sketched some ideas for a hologram room and 
I had to digitally sketch this one.
The main idea was that the body of the person was render 
by the top and bottom projectors and that the body parts,
 that was hidden from them, were not render.

Thursday 30

Didn't get to represent the ''body rendering'' here but the visual is there.

And why not animate it in the same time, since I kept all the layers.
First version.

In my opinion, the second version has better timing.

Thumbnail sketches for a simple creature.

Took a little break so I had to warm up again.

Little poster composition for some portrait sketches.

Watercolor practice 01

Watercolor practice 02

Friday 31


Saturday  01

Portrait studies.