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Sunday, May 31, 2015

day 740

spring, week 9,

So, 2 years have passed since the beginning of this blog. I feel like I improved since then but I am so far from where I want to be. Lets work harder for the next year and finish stuff.

Sunday 24


Monday 25

2 YEARS !!

Killed by perspective.
I am pretty sure that I did it wrong but his legs look so dead.

Changed the pilot.
I'll need to work more on the legs and how they work.

Necromancer Sketches, pen and pen brush.

A creature that could be called by the necromancer,
pencil, marker and correction pen. 

Tuesday 26

Warm up.

Worked on the arm and trying to dive some nice shape to the legs.

Wednesday 27

Watercolor Wednesday.
Triceratops study and some sketches.
Used yellow ochre and burnt sienna. 
I started with he yellow ochre with the study but i needed some darker dark. 
So I used some burnt sienna to have a bigger value range. 
I definitely need to set up my palette first, 
to have the value/color range I need first and then start painting.
That way, I will keep the watercolor feel.
I need to keep some white from the paper for the highlights.

Thursday 28

After work sketches.

Friday 29

After work sketches/studies.

Saturday 30

Sketches and studies.

Portrait practice.

Portrait and skin tone practice.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

day 733

spring, week 8,

So, something is wrong with my word count, the 2 years mark should be next week, the 25th of march, but I am already at 733 days (wtv).

This week was full of sketches, studies and experiments.

Sunday 17

Warm up sketches.

Sketching : Pre.

Giving me a challenge to translate the energy 
of their music into a sketch/painting.
I am far from achieving it but lets see where this can lead to.

Monday 18


Tuesday 19

Warm up sketches

Plaster cast study, the eye.

Plaster cast study, the eye.

Wednesday 20

Warm up sketches and
plaster cast study, the nose.

Plaster cast study, the nose.

Plaster cast study, the mouth.

Watercolor Wednesday.
Skull and random candle study.
First ever watercolor painting, here's some though:
- be conscious of the amount of water on your brush, don't use to much water and i feel like decreasing the amount of water on the brush through the evolution of the painting could be a good idea.
- black is tricky to use and can make the colors dull.
- trying a monochromatic painting first could have been a good idea, 
- be aware of your whitest whites at the beginning.
- light wash over the whole figure/painting except whitest white.
- have a clear (at least in your mind) sketch before starting to paint. 

Thursday 21

Warm up sketches, the first two have a little personality, which means improvement!

Friday 22

Plaster cast study, the ear.

Plaster cast study, the mouth.

Necromancer cool down sketch.
Trying to design the guy from the RIP illustration,
but this is not the way I want to go with it. 
There is some good elements but it is not stylized enough. 

Saturday 23

Plaster cast study, the head.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

day 726

spring, week 7,

Sadly, this week was pretty simple, only warm up sketches.

Sunday 10

Old sketch,
trying to get the guy right.

Monday 11

Working on the pilot.

Tuesday 12

Lame faces.

Wednesday 13

Warm up.

Head sketches.

Thursday 14

Trying to play with hair and angles.

Friday 15

Bad warm up.

Saturday  16


Sunday, May 10, 2015

day 719

spring, week 6,

Pretty unproductive week, I started working at my summer job and I did some work for something I can't show, so I don't have much to post for this week.

Sunday 03

Sniper turret sketches.

Monday 04


Tuesday 05

Random Word : Smash
I most be the worst guy the draw Hulk.
After think about it, I think he need to be angry,
so it feels like the Hulk, since he need to be angry to be Hulk.
I will need to try again later.

Trying to make it feel more like Hulk, I guess he just has to be angry.

Wednesday 06


Thursday 07

Random Word : Bone
Elephant Warrior.
I wanted to put more bone on his armor, 
but I took way to much time for the helmet design.

Getting back on this one, I need to put more contrast.

Aviation pilot study, wip.

Friday 08

Magic !!! done 
Would be cool to do a pixel version of this and animate it.

Some animation tests with the layers, with different timings.

Saturday  09

Lame sketches for warmup, damn that left guy is so stiff. 

Sunday, May 3, 2015

day 712

spring, week 5,

Less head study for this week, but i, sketched a lot. I have been practicing color and storytelling a little more with some random word exercises. I do these without any reference and I on look up definition of the word to have more ideas. For the next weeks, i will try to explain a little more the images and explain what I can improve.

Sunday 26

Life drawing session, hopefully the lines show up.
For the first poses (1 min and 3 min) I think I had great movement 
and i was able to capture the action, in pencil. 
I switch to a simple pen and it felt so strange, 
like every lines count so better not mess it up.
For the longer poses I think I got some of the action 
but some of them feel a little stiff. 
My proportions are a little weird though.

That was a good pose to draw her face.
Her nose is a bit short and a messed up her mouth, 
but I'm quite happy with the eyes.


Monday 27

Sci-fi dreams are the best.
I tried to sketch some of the guns that i saw in that dream, 
and I expand I little more with some from nothing.
The top 3 ones, the pistol and the bottom two were in my dream, 
for what i could recall. I don't know if I am going to finish them 
since all I needed was to put them down to remember them.

Tuesday 28

Expression study.

Composition sketch, pretty boring i would say,  
nothing is really happening.

Random sketch while talking to someone.

Wednesday 29

Random word : Lurk
I think it misses a background. 
I think the colors are a bit lifeless and boring 
and the little ambient occlusion at the bottom is really killing the depth.
I am not sure about the character too, He is not interesting enough.

Animated the light between the leaves, for fun.
I don't think i got the effect right though, maybe there is too much movement.

Expression studies.

Thursday 30

Warm up 

Random word : Box
Some explorations, The homeless man could have been cool to do too.

Random word : Box
Cool little story going on there.
I am not sure about the colors again.
The background needs more work too
and the little guy is a little weird.

Man eating plant,
Heist masks,
Flower market.

Friday 01

Poor guy with lame skin tone colors.

Random word : Rip (R.I.P.)
I might work on the one sometime soon, I need to bright it up a little.
Could be cool to animate it too.

Saturday  02

Random word : Confirmation
I had less time or this one and I was tired.
I practiced some writing and lettering 
and a little plastic materials at the bottom.
I also tried to be less clear about the story.
Lets see if you can understand it.