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Sunday, April 26, 2015

day 705

spring, week 4

I mainly worked on faces this week with some value studies and expression studies in line art. There's some extra sketches too.

Sunday 19

Random sketches + sketchbook action.

Monday 20

Head sketches.

Expression studies

Face/value study.

Tuesday 21

Expression studies, link.

Wednesday 22

Hope Solo, American soccer goalkeeper, study.

Thursday 23

More expression studies

Challenging angle 01.

Challenging angle 02.

Friday 24

Warm-up sketches.

Trying to keep it rough.

Ashes man, heavy smoking.

Saturday 25

Sketches for a character.

Trying to draw an old lady from memory, very difficult.

Some other expressions, I redid some of them 
because I wasn't happy with the proportions or the expression itself.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

day 698

spring, week 3.

Trying to go with simple tools again, round brush and few others. I will try to study a lot more anatomy and design while sketching out some ideas for the rpg project, that i most find a name for.

Sunday 12

Gestures, I need to get back on those

Pretty much done for the shadow pass, lets work on the background and some fx.

Monday 13

Animation from reference

Warm-up from imagination


Tuesday 14


Exploration of proportion for a female character.

Work out the beard. 

Wednesday 15


Still not happy with what i have now.
I'm looking for something with feminine traits 
and something that show she's strong too.
I'll need to explore a little more.

Thursday 16

Way to long neck study

Maybe studying the muscles under the skin will lead me somewhere.

Friday 17


Saturday  18


Sunday, April 12, 2015

day 691

spring, week 2,

Orc week ! I worked on storytelling with some sketches and quick composition. I'm almost done with the skater dude and I got back on the rpg project (about time).

Sunday 5


Monday 6

Orc sketch. 
In an art group, the themes were; triumphant orc, Battle axe and swamp.
Focusing on composition for this one.

Tuesday 7

Trying to get the right mood here,
A winning pack of orcs.

Trying to finish this face research. Might just have to reduce the beard.

Wednesday 8

Trying to sketch a fight scene here. 
I tried to have  dynamic poses and composition.
I think I could have used More water to have more energy in the composition.

Finally getting back the rpg project.
Working on the main proportion for the characters.
I'm trying to mix my own things with character design from animation feature
 and from this guy's stuff: NIKLAS JANSSON.

First Clothing set for the skate project.

Thursday 9

Simple lines for this orc day. just warming up.

Multiple head and hairstyle studies (hairstyles are hard).
I tried to stylize some of them while keeping the main features of the guy.

Random Idea from some friends, I had to sketch it.

More exploration. 
Some of them, like the one on the bottom right is way too stiff, 
it needs more gesture in his pose.

Friday 10

More head/hairstyle studies, beard! 

Second set, will have to trash it a little.

A failed test for some animated smoke.

Saturday  11

Testing some brushes out.

Testing even more brushes.

Calling to one done.
At this point its just a manner of refining and detailing things 
so i'll stop here since  the main goal was to work on colors.

Final 3 sets.

Having some fun with storytelling on this one.
I might work on it a little more.
Thanks to Edwin for some tips.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

day 684

spring,week 1,

Taking a little break with Easter during the weekend but it was still a good week. I must start to sketch for the rpg challenge instead of doing some random sketches. I'm also drawing in a sketchbook, mostly faces for now though.

Sunday 29

Little sketch

Monday 30


Tuesday 31

Ocean flood, little color sketch,
robotic arm for fun

Head from memory, I think the shadows could be darker


Trying some perspective and poses to cooldown.

Wednesday 1

Silhouette sketch

White Witch sketch

Thursday 2

Testing some brushes to have different edges.

Head study with color. Trying to have the likeliness of her face and of the colors.

Sketch with silhouette for scale.

Friday 3


Saturday  4