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Sunday, March 29, 2015

day 677

winter, week 13

I just saw that I had a 30 days gap between October and November and that the 2 years mark qould have come 30 days earlier than it suppose to be so I fixed that. During this week I did some head studies again and worked on the skate project (creā-ture studios). and this is the end of the winter term (i got to give better name for those period of time). so there's a little feedback at the end for the 13 weeks.

Sunday 22


Random sketch...

Monday 23

Study, trying to use less brush stroke

Head variations.

Tuesday 24

Study, wip

Go like our page creā-ture studios 
(photo and paint)

Wednesday 25

Worked on the shadow of the lower part with the scarf.
Maybe one more session on the shadow and then I'll do some fixes.


Thursday 26

Study, wip

Friday 27


Reflected surfaces

Saturday  28

I'll test without any reference for the end of the winter session.
I'm not super happy about it but i can se improvement from when I started.
After doing it I know where to look during my next studies,
there are some areas that was i little confusing near the eye, nose and lips (everywhere).

In order to know what to improve
and to keep track of what to focus on,
 here's some additional notes.
All this is based on the ability to draw from imagination.
Grey area were not studied.

anatomy (human) : need to keep working on faces and start working on the body
anatomy (animals) : not really important to study that for now
composition : before doing some crazy composition,it would be good to study old paintings
perspective : study crazy perspective and work on mechs and vehicules
color and light : need to worked in color when i'm doing head studies
painting/brush work : do more with less
storytelling : go back to rpg project

Going back to the rpg project would help me improve in all those area i just need to focus on it.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

day 670

winter, week 12

I had to put back the rpg again to focus on another project. I did some portrait studies and worked on the dark mage animation (almost done).

Sunday 15

First try on the stick animation. 


Working on the body. 

Monday 16

Trying things.

2nd pass on one of the faces with some ref, wip.

Tuesday 17

Study, starting to understand more thing.
I have to find a way to do nice hair with simple brush stroke.

2nd pass on one of the faces with some ref.

Wednesday 18


Working on some logo for the clothes.

Thursday 19

Study, taking more time on this one, 
her left eye is a little too open.

Friday 20

Study, I don't like her eyes.

Trying to animate the leaves with a function called puppet wrap in Photoshop.
I might have to try again or just to it by hand, because this doesn't look good.

Doing much more than that on the body but here's a teaser.

Saturday  21

Working on the shadow again and fixing the timing on the stick animation.
I might have to retouch the timing again.
I think i'm nearly done with the shadow pass.
 I still have some part to animate and fix.

Playing around with ''spherize''.

Study, her head was super hard because of the little angle. 
I thin I got the nose but her eyes and mouth are not right.

Sketching for fun.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

day 663

winter, week 11

I don't have much for this week because I was busy with school and other stuff. I sketched in my sketchbook a bit and did some head sketch, but I had to put back the rpg stuff for this week.

Sunday 8


Monday 9

Mostly sketchbook but I did this head.

Tuesday 10

Big ears.

Wednesday 11

Random practice


Thursday 12


Friday 13

Still wip but the main idea is there.

Saturday  14

 Head warm up.

wip, head for a project.
top heads are from edwin jang

Dinosaur hunter sketch for fun, could be nice to finish it some day.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

day 656

winter, week 10

I am still practicing faces and skin tones. I finally finished the Ghosts'N Goblins illustration. I began to work with more focus on the rpg project.

Sunday 1

Pretty much done.... about time.

Color sketching

Monday 2

It still misses some details around the house but the main idea is there.

Checking the perspective qith Sketchook Pro

Forest color and light test.

Color/faces practice.

Lines in Sketchbook Pro.

Tuesday 3

Main idea for the forest.

I did some color balance on it.

Faces in SP

Gordon Freeman fanart, young Gordon. 
That ear is so dark.

Wednesday 4

Cave gate exploration with light direction and structure. 

Trying to finish it but I have to ĝo to the next one. 
I will have to find a way to do those in one day and to nor refine them,
keep them sketchy with nice lighting and color and still  understand what is happening.

Thursday 5

Color test on this, ***k saturation.

I did a quick 3d model o better understand the structure 
and what kind of light direction i can go with, 
still not super happy about it for now.

Friday 6

City gate in bronze, Bronze isn't easy damn.
at this point i'm on my laptop so since he is slow I'm
 sketching in my sketchbook must of the time.

Skin tone study

Saturday  7

Still trying to refine the idea and design for the gate.

The composition is pretty simple but it fit What I present.
I like the hand sketch better than the digital one.

Here's a bigger version of it.