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Sunday, January 25, 2015

day 614

winter, week 4,

Pretty much the same thing as the others weeks; rpg project, faces study, sci-fi character and the old lady concept. I started a 2d animation too. It's the last week of the research step for the rpg project and then i'll begin the real thing.

Sunday 18


Monday 19

Old lady head sketches

Tuesday 20 

I have started a sketch but i ask myself why i do this
 instead of  doing what I'm suppose to do so i stopped.

Old lady render, with the team's decision

Dark Mage line art, he's gonna be animated

Some car silhouette for the short 

Wednesday 21


Thursday 22

Hoop concept, 

Started the wind effect on the scarf cape and hat.
At this point i animate each ''object at a time, I don't know if its the best way to do it...

Random head sketch

Friday 23

More of that

Blink test

Quick things with a jet pack

Back on those forms 

Saturday  24

Pretty much done with the sketch lines. 
I redo the scarf because it was lame. 
I'll need to animate the hands

almost done with the gray scale and the left arm.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

day 609

winter, week 3,

I'm still doing some faces on my sketchbook but I'm doing some in photoshop too. I did a test for the rpg workflow i want to do and started a sci-fi character.

Sunday 11

little sketch exploration for the rpg project

little sketch exploration for the rpg project and a strange bird

some temporary color, and layer blending mode test with the shadow and occlusion

Monday 12

second sketch for the rpg projet

head sketch for fun

could resist to do something sci-fi

Tuesday 13

the pointer

did some modification on the design


Wednesday 14

wip, working on shadow and volume of the legs


head studies

Thursday 15

working on the masks for the final color (soon) and the shadows

lame head sketches


Friday 16

back to the old lady

Saturday 17


Sunday, January 11, 2015

day 600

winter, week 2,

Getting back at it slowly. I do daily face studies on my sketchbook and some nose studies in photoshop. The secret agent is done and i have started the old lady concept. I will still have to do the dude's props but those can wait for now. I have done the little style research for the rpg project, it's not complete but I can move on now that I have a somewhat direction for this.

Here's some brushes that i like recently, they look a bit like pencil and/or pen. The link for the pencil wanna be

Sunday 4


Monday 5

Tuesday 6


Wednesday 7

nose study part 1

Thursday 8

wip 01, original head concept by Edwin Jang

nose study part 2

Friday 9

wip 02, original head concept by Edwin Jang

some reach for the rpg project

Saturday 10

final concept, secret agent. original head concept by Edwin Jang

little .gif

old lady sketches

random line sketch

Monday, January 5, 2015

day 594

winter, week 1,

I'm still relaxing a bit and working, but I'm getting back on it. I did some faces gesture ( ). I worked on the character development for a short. It is really challenging to try that style. I am also a bit late on my research for and rpg project (personal project).

Sunday 28

Trying to break the form of the briefcase and have a 1950 vibe.
Trying to add interest in the shapes.

Same thing, but in line.

 Lineart, trying different style.

more face tests

Monday 29 


Tuesday 30


Wednesday 31

little costume painting

sketches of the secret spy man

2nd character old dinner waitress. 
At first I thought that she was suppose to be the ''good guy'' of the 
story that why she has round shape and all. 
That will change soon, she is suppose to be more aggressive.  
(found a nice sketching brush)

Thursday 1


Friday 2


Saturday 3

Starting rpg research for style