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Sunday, May 25, 2014

DAY 365, first year, yay !

summer, week 3.

43 hours for this week, not that bad...

I worked mostly on the class and finishing stuff.
the first week is done and i started the second.
didn't open a book.
didn't open my sketchbook.

here's the days :




quick vehicle


random sketch

week 01 is done

i am tired of him... and call it done

Wednesday and Thursday

can't wait to finish him

did some silhouette trade with a friend, 
here's the first one of his silhouette

did some quick silhouette, will have to chose 3 


second one, had to change the silhouette at some places

will try to fit the third one in the same universe as the other, oh boy...

Presentation sheet for week 01

Feedback from the week :
I'm happy with this week, it's better than the one. But, I really need to concentrate on the vehicle class, and i need to finish the two dudes i have in WIP. 

For next week : 
- class
- robot
- alien
- read how to draw

Saturday, May 17, 2014

day 358

summer, week 2.

SO, I aimed to do more hours this week, but I started to work.
It goes without saying that i had less time (....) so at the end i did 32 hours on mostly vehicles, sketches and finishing some things.

I finished the book  ''digital painting techniques volume 3'', i'll post some notes next time.

I worked on the class Concepting Vehicles and Mechs this week. My idea is a reconnoiter/spy/communication vehicle with drone or autonomous. I'm not very happy with what i have for now, i'll need to expand the for week homework for now.

here's the days...


photo studies


photo studies

plein air perspective study

final idea for kemp's class, start of sketching






Feedback from the week :
I'm not happy with the overall productivity of the week, but that comes with me working 5 days this week. I think it didn't help to focus on less things. But, I'm happy about the 2 first days, the gesture vehicle study were fun and really informative. I didn't finish anything, but i feel like the main two guys i'm doing need some concept work before finishing them. The perspective study I did outside was really fun and I learn a lot. I need to start ''How to draw'' book, even if it look very technique. I need to open my sketchbook.......

For next week  :
- focus on perspective, vehicle
- line art
- ''how to draw''
- FINISH THEM (robot and alien)

let's go for a better week ! at least 45 h ??

Sunday, May 11, 2014

day 351

So here's the first week, did around 61 hours of work, i aim to do more next week. For this week, i did some anatomy studies, faces studies, a gesture warm up each day, some sketches, some zbrush unfinished sculpt and that's pretty much it. so here's what have been done through the week :

I did a research on design for myself during the week. I think it will help me some way, some info are really obvious but i think it's a good reminder. It's mostly based on graphic  design but the principles can apply to art, i'll try to improve the document if i find something like ''principles of design for concept artist'' for example, but i feel it will repeat the same things. I started ''the elements of design'' but given that it took me more time than expected, i stopped my research for now i started drawing. My goal for that research thing will be to finish this doc with the elements of design, i'll try to put more emphasis on color, with the book ''color and light '' and to have a document of principle of composition (even if a lot of principle of design can be related to composition)
Here's the document ; Principles and elements of design

I'm almost done with the book ''digital painting techniques volume 3'' and when this one is finished i'll strat the book ''how to draw'' by Scott Robertson and practice some perspective.

Friday, I've started the class  Concepting Vehicles and Mechs  by Kemp Remillard available on demands on CG society. i'll be posting my homework but for now i'm still trying to find the idea of which vehicle I want to do. I got lost in reference research, there was so much awesome images. So, I stepped back for a night and i'll work on it soon and see want could be cool to do. I don't want to do like he did in his demo but here's some of my ideas :
- An APC + a mech, the reinforce forces on field, 2 driver for the APC 6 to 8 infantry and one driver for the mech
- A long range assault vehicles or mech, very slow, need some guard to defend nearby attacks.
- A jeep
- Bikes, I like bikes, but i feel like it's not the place for them in what the homework is
- Helicopter, it would be nice to try it, but it quite the challenge, and trying to find another purpose for helicopter isn't easy
- A communication vehicles, did think to much about this one
- A vehicle that deploy drone or autonomous could be one option








Some auto-feedback from the week.
I feel like I was too much spread out doing a lot of thing that are not really related (some anatomy, some random sketches) without finishing them. I saw some progress on anatomy, faces and mostly on my line work (which is something i really want to improve). So, I need to focus on least things and finish stuff. 

SO, for the this week, I need to be more focus on vehicles, perspective (to prepare myself for the Scott Robertson workshop in June) and FINISHING stuff.
i'll mostly do :
- gesture vechile drawing for warm up
- perspective study (outdoor ?)
- mostly everything in lineart, maybe add values
- read ''how to draw''
- finishing sketches that fill my desktop 
- some sketches in my sketchbook when i'll be bored with perspective 

thx, till next sunday

Sunday, May 4, 2014

day 343

Starting now, my goal for the summer is to do art for 30 hours each week until the end of it and deal with my 40h summer work.
I will start counting the hours each Sunday at midnight 00;00. I will switch between traditional and digital art.

What it means for me ''to do art'':          
            Study (anatomy, design, perspective, composition, rendering (material/texture), values, etc)
            Practice (environments, characters, vehicle/mech/robot, creatures, 3d)
            Experiment (traditional painting, traditional sculpting, trying  other software painter etc)
             Read books

i will must likely post all the good stuff here (my notes, studies, sketches etc) with the total of hours every Saturday night / Sunday morning.