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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

day 300

Damn 300 days already

vertical theme

some black and white sketches inspired by some dudes in the street with strange poses

some random ms paint sketches

research for the second project of my environement design class with Raphael Lacoste

some thumbnails

the final image

Monday, March 17, 2014

day 291

small post
i will post some of my sketchbook sketches
 soon still have around 20 pages before the end of this sketchbook
work on this dude
did this mushroom landscape sketch
 but didn't like how i worked with the colors

so i did a little study from memory,
 trying to keep a local color and have
good blending with the light and shadow

tried some line things

black and white sketches

a elephant study started with a
random picture that looks like
a elephant and failed to draw it witgout reference

evagelion sketch, have to work on the composition with the ducks later

post-apo pinoquio
 post-apo pinoquio #2

rock things... don't like the colors...:(

line spider/insect sutdy/sketch with perspective
had some time in zbrush sketching some alien (brain multiplier)
they gain more abilities because they grow other part of their brain
or just create new area and brain cells 
work a bit more on them, will love to paint over them.

did another one the night after